Fueled by Protein Lab - Grand Opening Event!

Hey Pros!

The ProPortion Meal Prep team are excited to be part of Protein Lab's grand opening event on January 7th, 2017!

Protein Lab promotes a well-balanced life offering some great blends of protein shakes and acai bowls. Who wouldn't want to try their cinnamon toast crunch protein shake? You won't be disappointed with their health twists on some high energy protein mixes, something we all need to fuel our bodies!

Bring your friends and family to this event, where there will be plenty of other vendors (including your very own), a photo booth, fun games, swag, and food at our table, and chances to win the raffle! Our team donated two meal plans for one week to the raffle. Come to the event for a chance to win either our 5 or 10 meal plan for the week, and if you're lucky, maybe both!

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With the new year coming at full speed, let's make that commitment to a healthier and happier you. You won't want to miss this family friendly event where you will meet so many other great people toward the same endeavors. Take charge, friends! and Live larger!

You know how it goes, eat like you love yourself! There's no better place to get started than at Protein Lab's grand opening event!

When: January 7, 2017
Time: 12 pm - 5pm
Where: Protein Lab 
2500 E. Imperial Hwy #106Brea, CA 92821

For more information on Protein Lab, please visit their website at www.fueledbyproteinlab.com and check them out on yelp, instagram, and facebook!

See you there!

With joy,

The ProPortion Team

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D. Tran on

Sounds fun! I want to come check yall out.
Thanks for sharing!

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Join me, eat like you love yourself, and be happy, like a PRO.

With Joy,

Tina Pham
ProPortion Meals, Co-Founder