1. What is Proportion Meals?

ProPortion Meals is a made to order healthy meal delivery service where each meal is prepared with nutritious ingredients naturally packed with great flavor. We recreate our favorite classic foods into something more healthy!

2. How do I order?

You can order a la carte which is a one time order or we have weekly meal plan subscriptions available at a discounted rate!

3. How many meals do I get?

We have no minimum! It is entirely up to you - get 1 meal, get 50 meals if you like! But, we promise, one meal is never enough!

4. When is the deadline to place an order?

Every Thursday at 10PM. If you happen to miss our deadline, e-mail us and we will place you on a waitlist. :)

5. Do you offer meal plans?

Yes! Our meal plans are available for weekly meal subscription plans. Meal plans helps you save money and make life easier by not having to log in every week to order your meals. 

6. Can I cancel my meal plan?

Absolutely! There is no commitment to any subscriptions. It just allows you to save money and time.

7. When does my payment for meal plans reoccur?

When you sign up for a meal plan, your payment will be processed every 7 days from your initial sign up date for that following Sunday or Monday meal delivery/pick up. All changes to meal plan orders (adding on meals, cancel orders, etc.) need to be requested by our deadline on Thursday at 10PM via e-mail.

8. I forgot to cancel my meal plan, but the payment already processed. What can I do?

No problem! We understand life gets busy and we forget, hence why we started this business! But, please let us know by e-mail before our deadline on Thursdays 10PM. Since we are a made to order service, we only cook what our orders are.

9. I want to be on the recurring meal plan, but I don’t like a certain protein. Can I substitute?

Absolutely! You can place it in your notes when you check out or e-mail us your protein request.

10. What if I’m allergic to something?

We take allergies very seriously! Please contact us directly to let us know what allergies you have. We would love to serve everyone, but do not want to risk you getting sick!

11. How are the meals delivered?

All meals are delivered in an insulated bag with an ice pack. You will receive a text message when our driver is on their way. If you are not home, meals are dropped off at your front door.

**We are not responsible or liable for any stolen meals.

12. Do I need to return the insulated bags?

For all weekly deliveries, please leave all insulated bags from the previous weeks outside, so our driver can pick up. If you are only planning to order 1 time, you don’t need to return it, but we would great appreciate it if you contacted us, so we can arrange to pick it up. :) 

13. What time are meals delivered? 

Every Sunday and Monday between 9AM - 1PM.

14. What time can I pick up meals?

Every Sunday and Monday between 9AM - 11:30AM. We send you text reminders for pick ups.