WEEK OF 5/22- 5/27 MENU 


    1. Grape Chicken Salad -Shredded chicken breast, Greek yogurt, grapes, celery, and side of raw veggies and crackers
    2. Turkey and Cheese Roll - tortilla, cream cheese, bell pepper, and turkey

    1. Chicken Tikka Masala - made with chicken thigh, curry and coconut creamy sauce, served over basmati rice and vegetables
    2. Chicken Pesto - freshly baked chicken, house pesto sauce, fresh basil, garlic, and spices served with penne pasta, sundried tomato, and spinach
    3. Southwestern Turkey Quinoa - made with ground turkey, quinoa, bell pepper, spinach, black beans, and corn
    4. Turkey Bolognese - our house turkey Bolognese sauce, served with mashed potato, broccoli and mushroom
    5. Thai Basil Beef - made with ground angus beef garlic, red bell pepper, spices, thai chiles, served over parboiled rice and side of seasonal veggies
    6. Cajun Garlic Fish - Freshly baked white fish with cajun seasoning, parboiled rice, and seasonal veggies