WEEK OF 1/23 - 1/28 MENU


  1. Mango Lassi  - Sweet creamy blended mango with vanilla Greek yogurt, almond shavings, and topped with fresh berries.
  2. Apricot Coconut Bar - made with dried apricot, almonds, coconut shreds, almond butter, and chia seeds


  1. Chimichurri Chicken -Baked chicken marinated with chimichurri sauce, served with roasted potatoes and seasonal veggies
  2. Chicken Garlic Noodle - stir fried garlic noodle with chili sauce, chicken, bell pepper, snap peas, carrots, and green onion
  3. Swedish Turkey Meatball - made with fresh ground turkey, house gravy sauce, mashed potato and seasonal veggies
  4. Turkey Pasta Primavera- turkey sausage, penne pasta, seasonal veggies with house Italian blend olive oil dressing
  5. Korean Beef Bowl - Korean marinated Angus ground beef served with seasonal veggies over parboiled rice
  6. Teriyaki Salmon Fried Rice - baked salmon with our house made teriyaki glaze, parboiled rice, and seasonal veggies