Slow to hanger: How to Resist becoming Hangry all the time

We’ve all experienced it. That rising irritation causing us to uncharacteristically lash out or behave grumpily. It can lead us to disagreeing or arguing with someone with the stomach in mind. Of course, some of us hanger more quickly or easily than others, but avoiding conflict with a hangry person is something we learn early on: When you got in trouble as a kid, you (hopefully!) learned to not upset your parents with the news until after dinner was served.

Eating a good meal is often left on a backburner throughout the day while we’re too busy working, studying, running errands, etc. Neglecting to properly maintain blood sugar levels, however, compromises your focus and productivity along with triggering moodswings. As a matter of fact, skipping meals or eating junk foods can actually aggravate a tendency toward binge-eating once you finally find the time for food.

Our team totally gets it. Along with our appetite-satisfying meals, we also craft protein packed snacks in the event you find your stomach growling.

 By: Michelle Luong

Fueled by Protein Lab - Grand Opening Event!

The ProPortion Meal Prep team are excited to be part of Protein Lab's grand opening event on January 7th, 2017!

Protein Lab promotes a well-balanced life offering some great blends of protein shakes and acai bowls. Who wouldn't want to try their cinnamon toast crunch protein shake? You won't be disappointed with their health twists on some high energy protein mixes, something we all need to fuel our bodies!

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Eat like you love yourself!

2016 is about to come to an end. Are you ready? Every year, I look forward to a "restart" where I dedicate probably 99% of my time day-dreaming how the new year is going to be the best year, yet, I ALWAYS FAIL! Does that sound like you? Why is it that we can make incredible goals for ourselves but fail to actually implement the necessary changes and discipline needed for success?

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